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Serving the Woodstock area with foreign and domestic automobile repair and service, our certified mechanics provide fast, reliable car service at fair prices.

Oil Change Woodstock IL

Oil & Filter Change

Time for an oil and filter change? Allstar Auto Repair, Inc is a full-service preventative maintenance and auto repair center, providing comprehensive car care services for your foreign or domestic vehicle to keep it running like new. We run a complete diagnostic test to make sure your car is running smoothly.


Annual inspections and proper maintenance of your brake systems are essential to ensure your safety and to avoid costly failures. Our experienced technicians will examine your entire brake system including pads, hoses and lines, and the anti-lock system. If any issues are uncovered, we are fully equipped to repair your brake system.


Is your car or truck running rough? We provide auto tune-ups for your foreign or domestic vehicle. Regular engine tune-ups will help to bring power and efficiency back to your car. It will also help your vehicle to run smoother and last longer!

Electrical Repairs

Our trained technicians will use the latest technology to find any electrical shorts, broken wires, poor connections, battery drain concerns, and much more. We can also replace your battery. Call us today for fast and friendly auto repair and service.

Shocks, Steering & Suspension

Suspension system services can help eliminate premature tire wear and save you lots of money. Our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your shocks, struts, and springs for signs of damage and wear. We will then replace any worn or damaged steering and suspension parts.


Properly running exhaust systems and mufflers not only sound better but are better for you and the environment. Let our experienced team keep your car running smoothly with our high-quality products and services! Call today for more information!


Need new tires? If your tires are bald, pulling to the left or right or seem to be worn, our service team provides the best possible tires at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for new tires or tire repair, our certified trained professionals will assist you.

Muffler Repair

Looking for muffler repair services? Stop by Allstar Auto Repair, Inc. or call for a muffler inspection by one of our trustworthy technicians in Woodstock IL. We provide the best possible muffler repair service while keeping your budget in mind. Call us today!